About the company

SClavaux is a Dutch company specialized in antique and vintage lighting. We buy exclusive lighting all over Europe. When a lamp arrives at our office it will be restored and if needed rewired. Sometimes parts are missing or broken. If so we renew them. Each lamp in our shop is ready to start a second life at a new home.

rare finds and original design

Rare finds and original design are our main focus. We look for rare and unique lighting and make sure they are original designs.
We also focus on high quality. Even if a lamp is over a hundred years old and in need of restoration, we strive to make it as good and original as possible.

Blue Venetian Murano caged glass pendant light with large bubbles lantern

We help you to find what you’re looking for

Need help finding a specific type of lighting? Or perhaps a lamp part or lamp shade is broken and you look for something to replace it? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We will help you find or restore your lighting.