large green wrought iron wall sconces Italian design lamp

About the company

SClavaux is a distinguished Dutch company specializing in antique and vintage lighting. We meticulously source exclusive lighting fixtures from across Europe. Upon arrival at our workshop, each piece undergoes careful restoration and rewiring if necessary. Missing or damaged components are expertly replaced, ensuring every lamp is fully prepared to begin its second life in a new home. Our dedication to quality and authenticity guarantees that each lamp in our collection is a testament to timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

rare finds and original design

At the heart of SClavaux is our dedication to rare finds and original design. We meticulously seek out unique and exceptional lighting fixtures, ensuring they are authentic designs of the highest quality. Whether a lamp is over a hundred years old or in need of meticulous restoration, we are committed to preserving its original charm and enhancing its condition to its finest possible state. Our passion for excellence and authenticity ensures that each piece in our collection stands as a true work of art, ready to illuminate and inspire.

Blue Venetian Murano caged glass pendant light with large bubbles lantern
hotel montmartre


Our exclusive lighting designs grace spaces around the globe, catering to discerning private clients and esteemed interior designers alike. You may recognize our distinctive pieces featured in Paramount Pictures’ Hollywood films or illuminating the luxurious interiors of prestigious hotels in New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Sydney. Experience the unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship that define our brand, bringing sophistication and style to the most exquisite environments worldwide.

We help you to find what you’re looking for

Searching for a specific type of lighting? Need a replacement part or lamp shade? We’re here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out—our team is dedicated to helping you find or restore the perfect lighting solution to meet your needs.